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My goal is to help you get more customers and sell through web marketing.

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Something about me:

What do I do?

Hello, my name is Federico Presta. I am a freelancer, I am indie hacker, I am an entrepreneur... Wait a minute. Each of these labels would be too narrow.

I have been working mainly in marketing for more than 10 years, more specifically in its web expression: analysis, strategy, copywriting and creating sales paths (some people might call them funnels).

Am I an expert in just one marketing tool and channel?

No, I do very well with pay-per-click, SEO, web development and email marketing.

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Someone who is into growth hacking would say I have a "T-shaped" profile.

What am I working on in 2023? Helping independent developers make money by selling apps and subscriptions in SaaS.

How can I help you?

Contact me on Twitter or send me an email at the address you find below. You can count on me if you need help with your app or SaaS marketing.

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